Just a week and two days ago I was high up in the sky, crossing skies to see a familiar land. I was headed home…


The journey would have been more pleasant if all went with the plan. But as life is, surprises happen. The plane had a three-hour delay, I believe caused by the unpleasant weather changes happening lately in Europe. It’s a snowy Spring not only in Poland…

So I got the opportunity to eat a not so great airport meal, pick up my “refund” which included a “7days” croissant and a small bottle of water. And meet some nice people along the way. Sharing the same problems brings people closer😉.

Once we got on board, we did some self-entertaining which happened to fit the latest sparkle trend:

imageHis up-graded T-shirt

I know some people fear of flying, like my brother for instance. But to me it’s a time of calm, when I can gather my thoughts and catch up on some chit-chat with the one I travel with. It’s a kind of family time. It’s always been a pleasure to me. At least ’til now. And you? Do you like to fly?

You asked for a bright cloudy view but due to the delay, I bring you a night sky instead, which to me, by the way, always seemed more spectacular. image

South Poland

imageMediterranean Sea Cost

Enjoy the last Easter hours & don’t get fooled!


10 thoughts on “Trippin’

  1. These nocturnal images are great! Too sad you had that delay…but anyway the important thing is to arrive safely to the destination, right?🙂

  2. I wonder so much where you went to! About flying – I always fall asleep😦 It’s quite annoying as always make plans to read or write….

    • Lucky you! I can’t get myself to sleep anywhere besides a bed… And sometimes I’d really love to take a rest while traveling.
      Dear Ksenia, my destination is not at all as exciting as yours! I’m hoping there’s some new post waiting for me!😀

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